Jazz on Frenchmen Candle

They say that smells can be the most powerful memory triggers and somehow, the scents from Mad Darling Candles manage to ooze fragrances to make you nostalgic for memories you haven’t even had. This local company is run completely on Etsy by a mom named Jessica with a self-proclaimed “passion for New Orleans.”

The company provides hand-poured candles with soy wicks, allowing for extended burn time and enjoyment. True to her claimed hometown pride, Jessica’s aromas are each named for a unique New Orleans experience and are guaranteed to take you on an imaginary journey to that soulful city down south.

“Jazz on Frenchmen” is Mad Darling Candle’s bestseller and it’s no secret as to why. The masculine scent fills a room with rich aromas of amber and oak; and if you close your eyes while it’s burning, you can almost hear the jazz tunes pouring in from a club on historic Frenchmen Street. The candle’s soy wick won’t fill your lungs with toxins or mark your ceiling with black soot, so feel free to enjoy your eco-friendly candle as often and as long as you like!

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