Road Rules: Tips for Travel

It’s no surprise that we love sharing travel inspiration here at Hammock Pack! From summer getaway destinations to family-friendly vacation ideas, we’re passionate about highlighting the best cities and towns from coast to coast (and bringing those same destinations to your doorstep, of course).

As Thanksgiving nears, many Americans will flock to airports and fill the highways to be with family. No matter where you’re going, it never hurts to be prepared for the journey.

Today, we’re rounding up our top 6 tips for travel. Whether you’re heading for the beach or a long weekend at Grandma’s, you’ll be glad to have these creative and practical travel ideas in your back pocket.

1. Pack a book set in the place you’re visiting.

Whether it’s historical fiction, an autobiographical tale, or a guilty pleasure beach read, we love the idea of bringing along a book that takes place in your holiday destination. 

It’ll help you get even more excited about the city or town you’re visiting and you may even be able to check out some of the shops, restaurants, and attractions mentioned in your book. 

2. Travel with a list of all your hotels, and their addresses and phone numbers.

Navigating a new city can definitely be a challenge. Make it easier on yourself by writing down the names of all the hotels you’re staying at on your trip, along with their addresses and phone numbers. 

If you hop into a cab and the driver isn’t familiar with your hotel or if you need to ask a local for directions, having the exact address written down can ensure that you get the help you need quickly and easily. If you’re traveling internationally, have this information written down in the local language.

3. Sign up for free walking tours.

Maybe you’re not usually a tour person or perhaps the thought of trekking all over the city sounds like a drag – but trust us when we say that taking a free walking tour is one of the best ways to get to know a new city. 

These types of tours are designed to be super streamlined, allowing you to see all the major highlights as efficiently as possible. And since the guides are usually locals, you’ll have an insider perspective on everything you’re seeing. 

4. Write up a packing list well before you start packing.

Have you ever had a thought like, “I need to remember to bring my camera charger on my trip next week,” and then not remembered to bring your camera charger? 

Start a packing list in the weeks leading up to your next getaway and jot down every item that crosses your mind. That way, when it finally comes time to start packing, you’ll have a list of all the important items you might not remember at the last minute.

5. Keep your most important items in your carry-on.

While lost luggage wouldn’t exist in an ideal world, it’s something that can happen from time to time. 

Be prepared by packing all of your most important items like medication, expensive jewelry, and electronics in your carry-on so you won’t be thrown for a loop if your luggage goes missing for a day or two. It doesn’t hurt to keep a toothbrush and some deodorant in your carry-on, too, so you can freshen up on the go.

6. Start a travel journal.

Photographs are one of the best souvenirs you can have from any trip, but over the years, it can become more and more difficult to remember specific details. 

A travel journal allows you to write down your thoughts from moment-to-moment while on the move, and helps you remember specific details like the name of the hotel you stayed at or the name of that restaurant you really enjoyed. Plus, it’s so fun to re-read those old journals and refresh your memory of your favorite travel experiences.


No matter where you’re heading on your next trip, we recommend trying out at least one of these helpful tips to enhance your travel experience.

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