Sweets Escapes from New Orleans

While much of northern America might be busy bundling up until spring, the only thing New Orleans is busy with is celebrating. With a blending of African, American, and French cultures, this port city is bursting with history, tradition, flavor, and life; and it certainly doesn’t slow down during the late winter months. Whether you’d enjoy an afternoon of soulful live music, a late night of dancing, or a plate of something spicy and delicious, a trip to “The Big Easy” is one-of-a-kind and surely worth your while.

Every block of this historic metropolis offers a unique cultural experience, with locals as welcoming as if you were in your own neighborhood. Choosing just 4 small businesses to feature in this month’s Hammock Pack goodie box was a true challenge, so we let our noses and tastebuds do the deciding for us.

Since a trip to New Orleans is a full sensory overload in the best kind of way, we went with some flavors and scents that will help bring the experience of touring the city right to your home.

So turn on some jazz and get ready to invite your senses to dance with some New Orleans favorites.

Chocolate Bar from Sucré

It’d be hard to pay a visit to a city with so much French cultural influence without indulging in their mastered art of sweets. Sucré is a local sweet boutique that offers mouthwatering desserts handmade by highly trained pastry chefs. They are determined to bring you the best, most natural ingredients possible, allowing you to appease your sweet tooth without fear of harmful additives.


Among a delicious assortment of desserts, Sucré makes an incredible chocolate bar. Using top-quality chocolates from around the world and a delightful surprise of other flavorful ingredients, these gluten-free bars will become the new standard for your future chocolate ventures.          

Butter Pecan Praline Cookies from Love, Cookie

What could be better than a good, old-fashioned homemade cookie that you can enjoy without making a mess of your kitchen? The folks over at Love, Cookie didn’t want anyone to have to take the time dirtying their kitchen in order to experience fresh baked cookies. They make all their cookies from scratch daily with delicious ingredients that you’d recognize on grandma’s secret recipe, and more! Located in the heart of downtown New Orleans, this family-run business has been making delectable cookies in small batches for 4 generations.


With eight tempting flavors, choosing one to feature wasn’t easy. However, we think you’re really going to love this batch of butter pecan praline cookies. These sweet snacks have a smooth buttery flavor with a surprising and tasty crunch of candy-coated pralines. Don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone if these cookies have you putting your mixer and baking sheets in storage!

“Jazz on Frenchmen” Candle from Mad Darling Candle

They say that smells can be the most powerful memory triggers and somehow, the scents from Mad Darling Candles manage to ooze fragrances to make you nostalgic for memories you haven’t even had. This local company is run completely on Etsy by a mom named Jessica with a self-proclaimed “passion for New Orleans.”


The company provides hand-poured candles with soy wicks, allowing for extended burn time and enjoyment. True to her claimed hometown pride, Jessica’s aromas are each named for a unique New Orleans experience and are guaranteed to take you on an imaginary journey to that soulful city down south.


“Jazz on Frenchmen” is Mad Darling Candle’s bestseller and it’s no secret as to why. The masculine scent fills a room with rich aromas of amber and oak; and if you close your eyes while it’s burning, you can almost hear the jazz tunes pouring in from a club on historic Frenchmen Street. The candle’s soy wick won’t fill your lungs with toxins or mark your ceiling with black soot, so feel free to enjoy your eco-friendly candle as often and as long as you like!

Soap Bar from Sweet Olive Soap Works

When it comes to your skin, Sweet Olive Soap Works knows what’s most important. They work with only pure, natural ingredients from local farms and small businesses whenever possible. These ingredients – and where they come from – are part of the company’s core values to keep both your body and the community happy and healthy.

The New Orleans-based company started with one local woman, Amy, and her passionate mission to carry her family soap-making tradition forward in the most healthful and beneficial ways possible. Despite the success of the business, each Sweet Olive Soap Works product is still handmade and cold-pressed with nourishing natural ingredients.


These sweet escapes are just a small insight into the plethora of goods New Orleans has to offer. We hope they leave you with a sense of the incredible community of this city and some of the small businesses that provide top-quality products with the best intentions. Each of these businesses speaks to the heart of our mission here at Hammock Pack as we strive to connect people everywhere to the products of impassioned small businesses nationwide.


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