Natural Surprises from Michigan

Michigan has a little piece of something to offer everyone. Whether you're a natural enthusiast, a beach lover, an adventure seeker, or an urban fan, this mitten-shaped state is calling you. It's home to four Great Lakes and over 11,000 inland lakes, spectacular waterfalls, and dense forests bursting with autumn colors.

As Michigan has many great things to offer, it wasn’t an easy task to pick out the items in this month’s Hammock Pack goodie box (but we managed to!). To make our choices, we carefully considered: What’s the best way for you to experience a taste of Michigan?


Sit back and enjoy some of Michigan’s finest natural treasures.

Great Lakes Potato Chips

Everyone's favorite snack is here! If your stomach is rumbling, it's time to reach for a bag of Great Lakes Potato Chips.

Founded in Traverse City by chip lovers, Great Lakes Potato Chips Co. offers skin-on kettle chips made from fresh Michigan potatoes and spices that are not only flavorful, but also give you a kick of nutrients and fiber. Crunchy but not too chunky, there’s no trans fats and no cholesterol to be found in this savory snack! These chips are lifesavers when you feel a salty snack attack coming on. Better stock up! 

Zzang! Candy Bar by Zingerman's

We all love good, old-fashioned candy bars; Zzang! bars pack an explosion of memories and flavors to delight even the most unenthusiastic snacker. A taste of one of these fat, chunky, chewy, homemade Zzang! candy bars will bring you back to your childhood.

Charlie Frank, the founder of Zingerman’s, makes his candy bars almost entirely by hand; there are only two machines in his tidy candy workshop. Zzang! bars all start the same way, but each variety has its own unique additions that make it irresistible.

Cherry Dark Chocolate Granola Clusters by Sanders

Do you often start a day with a bowl of granola and dried fruit? How about upgrading it to a new level by adding a touch of decadent, dark chocolate and dried cherries? Yes, you can have chocolate for breakfast, especially if it's from Sanders.

Opened in 1875, Sanders Chocolates’ simple mission was to bring the European sweet delicacies to America using the finest ingredients. Today, Sanders products are sold throughout the Great Lakes Region and in supermarkets across the country.

Soap by Revolt Soap

During her time battling with cancer, owner and founder of Soap Revolt, Jean Hutchins,  realized the importance of what we apply to our skin. Many of us are unaware of the chemicals we're feeding into our bodies through simply applying skincare products. With this in mind, Jean set out to create natural, carefully formulated items to help others resolve their skin issues.

Are you having trouble finding a cleanser for your face? Try out a natural, cold-processed Soap Revolt soap for fresh and healthy skin.

Body Truth Shea Butter by Garden Harvest Soaps

Stephanie Willis, the mastermind behind Garden Harvest Soaps, started her business after getting involved with a community gardening initiative. She set out to broaden her knowledge of plants and herbs that nourish the skin and body.

Body Truth Shea Butter is a must-have beauty product for the upcoming cold, dry winter months. Full of healing properties and anti-aging support, it's perfect for skin damage and nourishment.


Does this list of goodies make you crave a trip to Michigan? Now you can have a pre-taste of the Great Lake State with this month’s box of treats. Don’t miss out on it! Subscribe today to have these delights delivered to your front door. 

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