Festive Fall Treats from Maine


First-time visitors to Maine may find themselves spinning from sensory overload. Crisp clear air, rocky coastlines, forested mountains, vibrant and cultural cities, and flavorful local cuisine excite locals and tourists alike. Who knew that so many fun surprises were packed into this northeastern state?

Lucky for you, there are a few more treats to be had from the lovely state of Maine, including an assortment of artisan crafts, culinary concoctions, and other goodies. This month, Hammock Pack is thrilled to bring a taste of Maine straight to your doorstep.

Pumpkin Lip Balm from Five Islands Body Co.


After the birth of her two children, Five Islands Body Co. founder, Margaret, began creating personal care products in her own kitchen using only natural ingredients. After gifting her homemade body butters to friends, she expanded her business and opened a studio in her coastal Maine hometown. In 2015, Five Islands Body Co. was officially born.

This pumpkin lip balm will keep your lips silky-smooth and lasts hours after application. The pumpkin scent is subtle and refreshing – perfect for a festive fall day.

Lavender Sugar Scrub from Blissfully Simple Shop


Blissfully Simple Shop co-founders Cathy and Amy had been making their own olive oil-sugar scrubs for years when they decided to try their hand at creating a few other high quality skincare products. After making their first batch of body butter, they knew they wanted to share their creations with the world. 

Gently exfoliate dry winter skin with this sweetly scented Lavender Sugar Scrub. Handmade, all-natural, and paraben-free, the scrub will leave you feeling soothed and refreshed.

Vanilla Chai Skin Cream from Long Winter Soap Co.


Maine-native Amanda started making handmade soaps after her newborn daughter began suffering regular soap-induced breakouts. Realizing that she had found her passion, she opened an Etsy store and stocked it with cold process soaps, lip balms, creams, bath soaks, and perfume oils. Many of her products are inspired by her coastal Maine surroundings, incorporating woodland, sea, and wildflower blends into her product line.

Long Winter Soap Co.’s Vanilla Chai Skin Cream is the perfect nourishing solution for dried out, irritated skin. It’s scented with smoky vanilla and yummy chai aromas. You’ll feel pretty and pampered as this creamy natural lotion soaks into your skin.

Pumpkin Scone Mix from Stonewall Kitchen


Longtime friends, cooks, and horticulturists Jonathan and Jim began selling their culinary treats at a local farmers market after a suggestion from a friend. They named their small setup Stonewall Kitchen, inspired by the historic New England stone walls just outside of their kitchen window. Shortly after opening, demand outpaced production, and they decided it was time to increase the scale of their business. The rest is history and today, Stonewall Kitchen operates nationwide.


Wicked Whoopie Pies from Wicked Whoopies


“In Maine, when something’s good, we call it ‘good.’ When something’s great, we call it ‘wicked!’”

That’s how Wicked Whoopies’ founder, Amy, explains the name of her Maine-based bakery. After opening up a shop from her home in Gardiner, Maine, her entire house became filled with ovens, boxes, packing slips, and baking supplies. She realized it was time to expand and moved into a commercial bakery.

Wicked Whoopie pies are rich and chocolatey, with moist shells and fluffy cream filling. Craving a “wicked” Halloween treat? Look no further than this sweet and sinful pie!



This collection of treasures and treats is just a small sample of the fun surprises that Maine has to offer. Here at Hammock Pack, we’re proud to support these and other small, local businesses who are dedicated to making positive changes in their communities.

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