San Francisco Treats: Inside This Month’s Hammock Pack

Each month, we at Hammock Pack bring you some fantastic items from a fun and exciting location. This month we are excited to present to you some sensational items from the Golden Gate City. More than fog, Chinatown, telegraph hill, and row houses, San Francisco is an amazing and vibrant city, with so many offerings of culture and entertainment. This month’s items are made by companies reflective of that diversity. We hope they illustrate the unique feel of the city.

CC Made Kettle Corn

This delicious treat is made from ingredients you won’t regret putting in your body. To make this kettle corn, CC Made starts with organic yellow popcorn purchased directly from the farmer who grew it. Then each kernel is drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and is then covered with handmade caramel that is never made from corn syrup. Each of these elements combines to make a snack that will be the highlight of your summer. One bite and you will reach for your bag over and over again to get another taste.

Etta and Billie Body Scrub

This creation is comprised of vitamin-rich cocoa butter, fair trade shea butter, and solar-evaporated Pacific Ocean sea salts. Etta and Billie body scrub takes the traditional body scrub and makes it a solid. Because the scrub remains a solid until it touches water, more of the product reaches your skin than other body scrubs. This means that less scrub gets washed down the drain and more of it is available to give you soft, silky-smooth skin.

Heliotrope Body Wash

We think we can safely say that this luxurious bath product will change your shower routine forever. Made from organic natural ingredients—such as aloe leaf juice, walnut shell powder, grape and pumpkin seed extract, and more—this cleanser will make your shower or bath an experience you won’t want to rush through.

Designed to soothe, comfort, exfoliate, promote elasticity, and seal in moisture, your skin will love you for using this product. Additionally, it won’t harm or dry out even the most sensitive of skin.

Cinnamon Almond San Franola Granola

Founded by two close friends, San Franola Granola is a company passionate about granola that is healthy and nutritious. They cut out the artificial flavors and ingredients found in many granola products. Their granola is made from a family recipe that has been honed for generations.

Comprised of simple ingredients that create bold flavors, this is finally the granola that you can eat and not feel guilty about. Enjoy the tasty combination of California almonds, cinnamon, and molasses. These delicious elements combine to create a protein-packed, high fiber, low sugar, and low calorie treat.


Our curated selection is just a sample of the awesome artisanal products made in San Francisco. Each is reflective of its makers passion for quality products that are also good for you. Don’t miss out in the future: subscribe to Hammock Pack and get similarly exciting products delivered to your door!

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