4 Can’t-Miss Events in Austin This Spring

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There’s nothing quite like Austin in the spring: the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the city has a special, intangible energy. If you happen to find yourself there this time of year, the best thing you can do is enjoy it to its full potential. But where do you start?


Don’t worry. We’ve compiled this list precisely so that you can enjoy that Austin vibe this spring.


1. South Shore District’s “Food & Fun”


The South Shore District is a community district in Austin that offers direct access to the new boardwalk trail along Lady Bird Lake. The boardwalk is a popular place for locals and visitors alike to take a leisurely walk or go for a bike ride.


On Wednesday, April 15, the South Shore District is throwing a large community event, complete with live music and, of course, food trucks! This event is perfect whether you’re a young 20-something or looking for some family fun on a beautiful April evening.


2. Brunch


Sure, it’s not an event, but wait… isn’t it? Brunch is one of the best ways to spend a weekend late morning or early afternoon no matter where you find yourself. But in Austin, brunch is a religious experience. Spring is the best time to go on a tour de brunch in Austin. Explore the unique recipes, the spring specialties, and take advantage of an excuse to day drink.


Some classic Austin brunch spots to begin with include:



3. Moontower Comedy Festival


From April 22 to 25 in Austin, you actually can buy happiness-- in the form of a comedy festival ticket. In tandem with the popular Austin motto, “Keep Austin weird,” the Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival is intent not only on cracking you up, but making you laugh with possibly some of the weirdest stuff you’ve ever seen and heard. If you love the obscure and the unusual, this is the comedy festival to see. Whether you prefer improv sketches, musical comedy, or more traditional stand-up, you’ll be rolling in no time.


4. Austin’s Food and Wine Festival


If Austin’s usual food centricity isn’t enough for your sophisticated taste, this event is for you. Acclaimed as one of Austin’s best events (and that’s saying a lot!), the Austin Food and Wine Festival consists of 3 days jam-packed with tastings, demos, and music. The festival is always well-attended by renown chefs from all over the world. If you think you have what it takes, join the chef challenge yourself by preparing your own creation at home. Choose from fun challenges like making the best fire-grilled chicken or building the best stuffed burger.


Take a trip to Austin this spring and discover why it’s one of the best times to visit this thriving American city.







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