Inside the Seattle Hammock Pack

by Anna Wickham

We have been so pleased with the great products in each Hammock Pack that we don’t see how they could get better! And yet each month, we find fresh new local products with something unique to offer as we travel to a brand new destination. This month, we ventured to Seattle to bring you coconut pecan chocolate, all natural soaps, and more.

Jcoco Vanuatu Coconut Pecan Chocolate Bar


If you’re looking for a succulent chocolate that tastes like it comes from the tropics, look no further. The cocoa beans used to make this chocolate were grown in the small South Pacific islands of Vanuatu, giving the chocolate a subtle caramel flavor. Combine that with dried coconut shavings, pecans, and a little bit of sea salt and you have a taste of that sweet ocean breeze. Close your eyes and you’ll probably forget that you’re not sitting on a tropical island!

Each Jcoco chocolate bar is all natural, gluten-free, and made without GMOs. Plus, when you purchase a chocolate bar from Jcoco, they will serve a healthy meal to a person in need. The company has provided more than 227,000 meals since 2012!

Red Leaf Body Wash - Oatmeal Milk & Honey Scent


What’s in your normal body wash? If it’s like most on the market, it’s made with all chemicals, hardly any natural ingredients, and tons of water.

Red Leaf Body Wash is totally different. First, it’s made with an aloe vera base which is loaded with health benefits for your skin, including soothing, cleansing, reducing inflammation, and diminishing the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles.

Secondly, Red Leaf is a concentrated body wash, made with much less water than your average body wash. This means that a little bit of Red Leaf goes a long way, and your bottle could potentially last you for months.

Simple & Crisp Dried Apple Crisps


Simple & Crisp began with owner Jane Yuan’s love of sharing wine and natural, delicious food with family and friends. She loves the elegance and simplicity of fruit, as well as how well it pairs with wine. She finally turned her passion into a business so that all of us can enjoy the simplicity of natural dried fruit.

When you need a light snack that’s responsibly made and delicious, reach for some Simple & Crisp apple crisps. Naturally gluten free and made from apples grown using sustainable practices, Simple & Crisp are perfect for a variety of different settings. Try dipping them in yogurt or warm caramel, or enjoying them with your favorite wine.


HerbivoreBotanicals - Activated Charcoal Soap


HerbivoreBotanicals are handmade all-natural skincare products made by owners Julia and Alex in their studio in Seattle, Washington. The two are passionate about creating quality natural products using ingredients that have been known since ancient times to have health benefits for your skin.

Take, for example, the soap in this month’s Hammock Pack. Activated charcoal is a natural way to draw out the impurities and toxins in the skin, while tea tree oil has reparative and soothing properties that leave your skin smooth.

Each month, Hammock Pack subscribers enjoy new ways to treat themselves while supporting local products from all over North America. Join them today by subscribing to receive next month’s Hammock Pack. You’ll get fantastic products like these sent directly to your doorstep. Who knows? Your next can’t-live-without-it snack or skincare product may be just one Hammock Pack away!

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