A Look Inside the Boston Hammock Pack

by Anna Wickham

Each month, Hammock Pack brings you some of the best products from local small businesses in a different destination. This week, we’re excited to explore the offerings of Boston, one of the America’s favorite historical cities.

Boston isn’t just rich with culture and great food: there are also tons of great products that are unique to Boston. Today we’ll shine a spotlight on what you’ll find when you open your Boston Hammock Pack this week.

Smudge Ink Stationery and Gifts


Smudge Ink products were born out of a love for letterpress, beautiful illustrations, and custom design. Co-founders Kate Saliba and Deb Bastien met while playing varsity field hockey in college, and have teamed up again to create these little works of art.

Recipients of this month’s Hammock Pack will receive a box of 8 thank you cards for when a “thank you” email just doesn’t cut it. If you’re like us and you can’t get enough of Smudge Ink’s cute and quirky designs, no worries: feel free to check out the online store.

PS - They create custom designs for wedding invitations and save-the-dates as well!

Fixx Chocolates


Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to chocolates? Think again. For Fixx Chocolates, everything started in Madagascar, where renowned pastry chef Nicole Coady went to see firsthand the origins of chocolate.

While there, she was inspired by the versatility and possibilities that chocolate has to offer. So naturally, she was determined to translate that experience into arguably one of the most common of chocolate experiences: the candy bar.

The result is a selection of candy bars fit for the gourmet palate, while at the same time perfect for an everyday afternoon. Hammock Pack subscribers this month will receive Nicole’s Lulus, made with caramel, pretzels, coconut, and sea salt.

Equal Exchange Teas


Equal Exchange is more than just a tea retailer: they are changing the world by taking “fair trade” to a new level. Equal Exchange believes in a balanced partnership between distributor and farmer. They are one of the largest democratic worker cooperatives in the country.

In this month’s Hammock Pack, you’ll find a sample of Equal Exchange tea. All teas come from small farms in India, Sri Lanka, or South Africa rather than large plantations, where most teas come from. Working with small farms directly is a big benefit to these families and businesses.

Enjoy a hot cup of tea and help contribute to a new approach to fair trade products with Equal Exchange.

Zesty Cookie Company


Co-founders of Zesty Cookie Company, Heather Amaral and Liz Pool, are moms as well as foodies and health food fanatics. So they set out to make a delicious cookie made from only the best natural ingredients.

Zesty Cookies are so named because each has a little bit of a kick from the secret (ok, not so secret) ingredient: cayenne pepper. In addition, all Zesty Cookies are made with only the finest premium, consciously-sourced, and all-natural ingredients. Some examples include:

  • Unbleached flour
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Fresh free-range eggs
  • Full cream butter

 In your Hammock Pack this month, get ready for one of two Zesty Cookie best sellers: Hot Cocoa or Hot Ginger.


With Hammock Pack, you can escape to a different exciting destination every month without even leaving your home. In the process, you’ll be supporting local businesses just like these. Subscribe today!



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